Strong Glutes Rule the World 

It's a saying that I would playfully tell my clients for years...STRONG GLUTES RULE THE WORLD. It was silly sounding enough and would make them smile as I raised my arms, shaking my fists for emphasis.

Art by John Culqui

Art by John Culqui

bUT, The reality is we're sitting on a goldmine... literally SITTING on a muscle group that truly is the FOUNDATION OF POWER and the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

But, therein lies the problem. 

We're sitting entirely too much. If I had a nickel for every new client that came to me suffering from chronic low back know the drill. There are actually researchers today that study the effects of what's been coined "The Sitting Disease". Yikes!

The human body is designed to move and we're simply not moving enough and/or moving well enough. In fact, prolonged sitting can cause what's often referred to as "gluteal amnesia". HA! Yes, your derriere can forget how to do its job!

Squeeze your butt. Seriously.


If the fronts of your hips begin to complain with this action, you might have gluteal amnesia. If you can't figure out how to squeeze your cheeks at all, you might have a nice case of gluteal amnesia.

The beauty of the way that I train is that no matter what goals you come wanting to achieve, we'll create manageable ways to accomplish these goals effectively and efficiently.

Secondary to that, however, I will program exercises that will help you become WOKE to that dead-ass sleeping booty of yours. Together, we'll eliminate low back pain, increase your strength and power making you all the more athletic; and frankly, I don't know a single person who doesn't want a better looking butt!

Lastly, I will educate you about all of your programming, explaining the method behind the madness, so to speak. I don't simply throw movements together to make you sweat-- although, you likely will. Instead, I'll empower you with the knowledge behind what we're doing, why, how and when it's appropriate. All in all, we’ll increase self-efficacy.

You'll not only leave each session with a greater understanding of why you're seeing the results you're achieving, but you'll feel comfortable and confident walking in to any gym knowing WHAT you need to be doing, WHY and HOW it should feel, ensuring that you're performing the exercises safely and effectively.

Thus, creating a fierce lady tribe of rad ass women with strong glutes that will rule the world!