Compassionate Training

My mission is to support, inspire and embolden each client with a progressive program and the necessary tools to help each woman conquer her unique goals by providing a "safe space" where she feels comfortable and confident to discover her potential while building an empowered community of fierce lady friends. 


It's a saying that I'd been playfully telling my clients for years...STRONG GLUTES RULE THE WORLD. It was silly sounding enough and would make them smile as I raised my arms, shaking my fists for emphasis.

The reality is we're sitting on a goldmine... literally SITTING on a muscle group that truly is the FOUNDATION OF POWER and the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

But, therein lies the problem. 

We're sitting entirely too much. If I had a nickel for every new client that came to me suffering from chronic low back know the drill. There are actually researchers today that study the effects of what's been coined "The Sitting Disease". Yikes!

The human body is designed to move and we're simply not moving enough and/or moving well enough. In fact, prolonged sitting can cause what's often referred to as "gluteal amnesia". HA! Yes, your derriere can forget how to do its job!

Squeeze your butt. Seriously.


If the fronts of your hips begin to complain with this action, you might have gluteal amnesia. If you can't figure out how to squeeze your cheeks at all, you might have a nice case of gluteal amnesia.

The beauty of the way that I train is that no matter what goals you come wanting to achieve, we'll strategize ways to accomplish these goals effectively and efficiently.

Secondary to that, however, I will program exercises that will help you become WOKE to that dead-ass sleeping booty of yours. Together, we'll eliminate low back pain, increase your strength and power making you all the more athletic; and frankly, I don't know a single person who doesn't want a better looking butt!

Lastly, I will educate you about all of your programming, explaining the method behind the madness, so to speak. I don't simply throw movements together to make you sweat-- although, you likely will. Instead, I'll empower you with the knowledge behind what we're doing, why, how and when it's appropriate.

You'll not only leave each session with a greater understanding of why you're seeing the results you're achieving, but you'll feel comfortable and confident walking in to any gym knowing WHAT you need to be doing, WHY and HOW it should feel, ensuring that you're performing the exercises safely and effectively.

Thus, creating a fierce lady tribe of rad ass women with strong glutes that will rule the world!

Personal training


You won’t find large, 30+ session packages or long-term contracts here.

In-person training clients have two options: pay as you go for a fixed rate of $90.00 per session with no contract or obligations, or commit to a training agreement with a 30-day cancellation policy and automatically receive a discounted rate, plus an additional discount for higher training frequencies. Rates range from $60-$75 per session with a signed agreement.

Clients schedule sessions based on a calendar month for the agreed upon training commitment of 8+ sessions per month. A full monthly payment is due on or before the first scheduled session each month similar to having a membership. 

Private (One-on-ONe)

These 60-minute sessions provide the ultimate level of attention and supervision as we work one-on-one to ensure the most efficient results for your unique goals or situation.

A minimum twice per week frequency is required.


Share the session, programming and cost with a fierce lady friend who has a similar fitness levels, goals and abilities at a discounted per session rate! 

A minimum twice per week frequency is required.

*Full-time teachers, first-responders, active military and/or veterans receive a 15% discount!


Remote Fitness Programs

Receive personalized programming, support and accountability remotely from the convenience of your home or local gym wherever you may be via the TrueCoach app.

Each four-week training block is to be completed as consecutive weeks.


  • Pull-up Resistance Bands

  • Valsides

  • Concept 2 Rower

  • Assault Air Bike

  • Barbells (35# & 45#)

  • Bumper Plates

  • 3-Way Plyo Boxes

  • TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Rogue Fitness Power Rack

  • Crossover Symmetry System

  • Rogue Dog Sled

  • Rogue GHD 2.0

  • Free Weights

  • Parallettes

  • Medicine Balls

  • Kettlebells

  • Slam Balls

  • Fractional Plates

  • Trigger Point Therapy Tools

  • Stability Ball

  • Gymnastics Rings

  • Flat Bench