Katie D. - December 2018

Katie became a part of the Strong Like Her tribe in April 2017, but we actually first met in 2015. She had joined a local CrossFit box where I was coaching a Women’s Only class with a couple of girl friends. Back then, I could count on one hand how many times Katie came to class. Life was crazy and despite having a gym membership, rapport with me and good friends by her side, it was still challenging to squeeze a workout into her day.

With some persuasion from her friends who were already partner training with me, Katie and I finally connected to discuss how Strong Like Her could help her with her goals.

Like Shaula, Katie had recently gotten out of a “bad long-term relationship”. With life in a bit of disarray, it became all the more important for Katie to spend focused time on herself in order to speed along the “moving on” process. With encouragement from her friends and family, she turned a difficult situation into a positive one by committing to her self-care and getting back to things that move her.

“I wanted to feel like an athlete, something I’d been missing since I graduated college. It’s more than looking good for me, I want to feel STRONG both physically and mentally. It increases my confidence in so many ways!”

Katie D Push Press.jpg

A one-time volleyball player and track athlete, Katie enjoys running and jumping. However, give her a barbell any day. Deadlifts, back squats and bench press are a few of her favorite lifts. We also got her pull-ups and chin-ups back within about three months!

One of the greatest gifts I can give my clients is mental toughness, grit really. Putting iron in their hands, teaching them what strong FEELS like is invaluable. To see their confidence and self-efficacy grow and how that transfers into their daily lives is one of the biggest driving forces behind Strong Like Her.

Katie is easily one of the most empathetic people I know and super compassionate. She feels all the things all the time, which is a beautiful thing. She has a huge heart and wears it on her sleeve.

She was working as a Special Education Aide at a local high school with finishing up her Master’s program in Museum Studies from John Hopkins University when we first began training. Today, Katie is substituting only to better focus on her grad school work.

Here are some fun facts about my fierce lady friend, Katie!

  • What would others be surprised to know about you? “I have a twin brother!! Yes, he looks like me and, no we are not identical (not possible with boy/girl twins). “

  • If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be? “Paris, France”

  • What are your hobbies? “I love to be outside – so hiking, camping, and being out on the lake. I also love playing volleyball whenever I get the chance!”

  • Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. “I straight up talk to myself/ cat when I’m home alone.”

  • YOU CAN ONLY KEEP THREE: Coffee, Netflix, Jeans, Leggings, Dry Shampoo, Messy Bun, Chocolate, Tacos, iPhone, Wine/Margaritas or Makeup “Netflix, Tacos, and Margaritas”

  • What was your very first album/CD or concert? “The Dixie Chicks, DUH. Both my first CD and first concert.”

  • What's your favorite quote or mantra/affirmation for life/fitness? “‘Just Keep Swimming’ – Dory from Finding Nemo”

  • Who do you most admire? “I would say the people I admire most are my parents. They are awesome. They do so much for my brother and I, as well as our family and friends – without ever asking for something in return. They are nice, fun, and genuinely happy people who love everyone. “

  • What superpower would you most like to possess? “I would want to be able to morph into any animal or person – so to be able to change my features (like grow my hair out or change the color of it whenever I please, etc.). If there are any Harry Potter fans out there – I would want to be like Nymphadora Tonks (she’s a metamorphmagus!), plus change into animals. This probably shows how much of a nerd I am, because yes, I have given this question a lot of thought already. Haha.”

  • What song do you know all of the lyrics to? “Any Backstreet Boys, Dixie Chicks or George Strait songs…”

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