Shaula S. - November 2018

Shaula has been a Strong Like Her client since February 2018, but we’ve known each other for much longer. In fact, she was a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness when I began working there in early 2012. Though, we respected each other as peers, we weren’t close personally.

Admittedly, I was a little shocked when Shaula messaged me inquiring about my training services, but excited about the prospect of working with her on a different level. Thanks to good ol’ Facebook, we still had ties after we each left to become girl bosses (i.e independent trainers).

Shaula has had a handful of trainers over the years, but much to my surprise, never a female trainer. How thrilling that I would get to show her how I do things!

“I’d just gone through a heart break and wanted to feel more empowered and to surround myself with strong women while I was trying to find my way back to myself. Gina seemed like the natural choice to help me. I suppose I didn’t realize that it wasn’t until now that I am focused on my physical strength - my original goal was just to feel emotionally strong again.” 

Aside from wanting to get back to herself and her own needs, Shaula was also prepared to step into something completely new and different with her fitness goals. She was intrigued by CrossFit, but wasn’t necessarily interested in joining a box. She knew I had a CrossFit background, as well as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate. She liked the idea of learning some gymnastics skills while also tapping in to her love of the iron in this new season of her life.

Shaula set a new personal record for her 1-Rep Max deadlift at 195# following a strength cycle earlier this year. She had never previously trained this lift.

Shaula set a new personal record for her 1-Rep Max deadlift at 195# following a strength cycle earlier this year. She had never previously trained this lift.

Over the past eight months, I have seen a remarkable transformation within Shaula. It was clear that she had some residual effects from her last relationship that needed tending to—very understandably so—and it has been incredibly brilliant and powerful to watch her shed those insecurities to regain her true sense of self: a bold, assertive, confident woman who knows her worth, who has a voracious appetite for personal growth, and is fierce and strong, yet soft and humble.

It has not only been insanely FUN to train Shaula, I’m completely and utterly impressed by her dedication, resolve and GRIT, both mentally and physically!

“For me, fitness has always been most significant when I wanted internal change. It’s like a metaphor for my existence. When I get physically stronger and more confident, the internal strength and confidence comes, too. I’ve had several trainers over the years, and I’ve been blessed to have always chosen the perfect person to help me grow at each of those times in my life. I feel like this time is no different. Being given permission to be unapologetically myself, and to work on becoming the best version of myself has been so much bigger than body fat and circumference measurements.”

A few of Shaula’s achievements since beginning with Strong Like Her:

  • Deadlift 195#

  • Bench Press 115#

  • Back Squat 145#

  • Strict Press 87#

  • Front Squat 125#

  • Unassisted Pistol Squats

  • Double Unders

  • Kicking up to a wall for handstand work!

  • Headstands

  • Jumping Pull-Ups

  • 500m Row: 1:53

  • 1,000m Row: 4:05

  • 2,000m Row: 8:26

  • 5,000m Row: 22:40

Get to know a little more about Shaula below!

  • What’s your favorite lift, movement or skill? “Olympic Weightlifting”

  • What superpower would you most like to possess? “Fast healing…”

  • Tell us about a quirky or unique habit of yours? “I pray over my pets everyday.”

  • What’s your favorite movie? “Good Will Hunting”

  • Name three words that describe your personality. “Assertive, loyal and INTROVERTED!”

  • Who do you admire most? “Cliche, but my mom. She really was created to be a mom and is the most supportive person in my life.”

  • If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be? “Colorado”

  • What’s your favorite quote, mantra or affirmation for life and fitness? “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

  • Name something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before. “Get [her dog] Jax certified as a therapy dog.”

  • YOU CAN ONLY KEEP THREE: Coffee, Netflix, Jeans, Dry Shampoo, Leggings, Messy Bun, Chocolate, Tacos, iPhone, Wine/Margaritas or Makeup “Leggings, messy bun and tacos”

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