Sarah G. - August 2018

Sarah, an employment lawyer, and I originally met nearly six years ago when she was seeking a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. She was bubbly, energetic and had a huge smile on her face when she sat down in front of me to discuss her goals.

Already an avid runner, when I asked Sarah how I could be of service to her, she replied,

"I want to learn how to lift weights and feel like a bad ass!"

As you might imagine, this was music to my ears! 

In three, short months, she came to each session eager and open minded, ready to learn and lift. We built a foundation and progressed to increasing her POWER to support her running goals by incorporating plyometrics into her workouts. She even made the "Success Stories" board at the gym! Not to mention, Sarah began to understand and appreciate how having a #strongrrr body complimented her love of running and made her a more efficient athlete! 

We kept in touch over the years, but it wasn't until March 2017 when Sarah reached out to me for help with a new goal. She had married her long-time boyfriend, had a newborn baby boy and was about to get her six-week, post-natal clearance to start working out again. Even though she was comfortable working out on her own, she wanted professional guidance navigating this new territory to ensure her core and pelvic floor needs were properly addressed. 

We did that...and then some!

It is also noteworthy and necessary to share what incredible progress Sarah has made since her Strong Like Her comeback over the past year and a half...

Sarah has lost almost 14#, which is about 10% of her body weight. More importantly and impressively, she knocked off nearly 11% body fat. That's actually 17# of fat that no longer exists on her body! She's put on approximately 4# of muscle, too.

Her photos below really paint a better picture of her transformation to date. She melts before our very eyes! 

Her confidence and comfort in her body in and out of the gym is truly what matters most, however. She feels more like herself again, running with a group twice per week and still getting in two strength sessions working with me online for the past six months.

Sarah will tell you that the thing she's most proud of is her self-efficacy in the gym. She not only loves the feeling of getting stronger and more fit, but she feels empowered to do so feeling confident in her ability to use "all" of the equipment. 

Despite being a busy, working mom and wife with a demanding career-- all things she loves-- her commitment to her health and fitness is without a doubt incredibly inspiring!

Here are some more fun facts about Sarah...

  • Your current TV show obsession is... "Younger on TVLand. It's a silly show, but I enjoy TV that I can watch to 'turn off'."

  • What's your favorite exercise, movement or skill? "Running, by far! I run with a group and love the social aspect. It isn't as monotonous as some think, too. We do all kinds of different workouts on the track, on hills, and on the roads."

  • What's your favorite food or restaurant in Austin? "Breakfast tacos, no doubt. This is kind of blasphemous because it's not a TexMex place, but my favorite are from Texas Honey Ham in Westlake. They really do it right."

  • Name one thing you always carry with you. "SNACKS!"

  • What's the last book you read? "This is embarrassing, but I have no idea. I never read for fun because I read all day for my job. I am in a book club, but I never read the book. I just go for the wine and the company."

  • If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would do with the money? "First, I would go on an amazing vacation. Then, I would buy a farm and rescue animals. I don't think I would quit my job because I really like it, but I do think I would try to work less! -- Apparently, Sarah, Brenda and I have a future mission together if our current careers ever fall apart!

  • If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you be? "Dog, no doubt. They're the best!"

  • If you could choose your age forever, what age would you be and why? "I want to go back to being 22, so I can be in my twenties and care-free. Being 32 is pretty great, too, because I have my son and ten years of wisdom that I didn't have back then."

  • What is your most treasured possession? "My dog Emma, if that counts. She is my souldog - the one you know you'll never have again."

  • What was the make and model of your very first car? "LOL! A Toyota Celica! I thought I was so cool zipping around in it. I had these big speakers in the trunk, too."